Ian Pears

Non-Executive Director Senior Executive Advisor

Former Deputy Director N6, responsible for delivery all the Royal Navy’s live Communication and Information Services.

During 30 years in the Royal Navy, Ian worked extensively in the design, management, and delivery of Information Warfare capability. He delivered the first modernised CIS to the Naval Reserves, was Senior Responsible Owner for two strategic programmes (Maritime CESM and EW) that successfully delivered, led the implementation of the Naval Innovation team, MarWorks and implemented the Information Warfare Change Programme.  With two commands served in Iraq and Afghanistan, as well as supporting Naval operations and stood up the Royal Navy’s nascent Cyber Defence capability. Ian also had a number of Joint posts including as sponsor of the UK Strategic current/future space capability and acted as Chair of the NATO MC3CaT reporting directly to the NATO Military Committee. He left the Royal Navy in 2022 having spent the latter 15 months as the interim Chief Digital and Information Officer.

Ian became Chief Technology Officer of the UKs Joint Maritime Security Centre in 2022, with a remit to support the organisations mandate to deliver Maritime Domain Awareness across UK Government.  He also supports a Five Eyes Cyber Working Group focussed upon the maritime sector.